Tactless & Tasteless: Tubi Series Served Cease-And-Desist Letter For ‘Unauthorized’ Depiction Of Shanquella Robinson


It hasn’t even been a full year since Shanquella Robinson died violently within the first 24 hours of a group trip to Cabo, Mexico, in 2022 but, apparently, the creators and producers of a Tubi crime drama called Street Legal thought it was appropriate to use aspects of Robinson’s tragic true story as part of the plot in the show’s fictional story without the permission of Robinson’s family.

Shanquella Robinson

Source: Shanquella Robinson via Instagram

According to Revolt, the producers of Street Legal have been served a cease-and-desist letter accusing them of using Robinson’s likeness without the approval of her family or the overseers of her estate.

“We must express our profound dismay at the distressing misrepresentation and unauthorized use of Shanquella’s identity and the events surrounding her tragic passing,” attorney Sue-Ann Robinson wrote on behalf of Robinson’s family.

A cease and desist letter states that the “covertly exploited” depiction of Shanquella is an infringement upon the family’s and her estate’s legal rights to publicity.”

It continues,

“This unauthorized use has caused significant emotional distress and harm to the Robinson family, as it has dredged up painful memories and portrayed our loved one in a manner that is inaccurate, disrespectful, and damaging to her reputation.”


Now, you might be thinking: “Oh, come on! That show could be about any Black woman was was mysteriously killed on an overseas trip, specifically, to Cabo, Mexico, and was allegedly beaten to death by the  “friends” she was in Mexico with.”

Just kidding—there’s no way you’re that dense.

Just look at this sh*t, man.

Shanquella’s family lawyer Sue-Ann Robinson is none too pleased by the series and she’s calling it out for lacking “tact” and being “low down.”

Revolt reports that season 2 episode 2 of “Street Legal,” titled “Frenemies,” reads:

“Within 24 hours, a group of friends traveling to Cabo, Mexico, for a birthday celebration turns into a crime scene, and everyone has a different story. Are they friends or enemies?”

“Tasteless” isn’t even a strong enough word for this.

Besides the removal of the show from Tubi and any other platform it might air on, the family is demanding that any distribution of materials referencing Robinson be put to an end, a public apology, and monetary compensation for the defamation of Robinson and the emotional pain caused to her family.

And we hope they get all of that. This is just plain gross.