“Perfect Match” Exclusive: Season 2 Men Say Romance Was Hardest Part! Plus, Guess Which Stars Hated Each Other?

Have you been tuned into Season 2 of Perfect Match ?

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BOSSIP spoke with Perfect Match stars Harry Jowsey, Stevan Ditter, Kaz Bishop and Izzy Zapata about their experience on the Netflix dating show. The guys were candid about the challenges of doing reality TV, on-camera romances and mutual exes.

Two out of four of the guys showed up for the interview wearing sunglasses, which they blamed on jetlag. We know it’s a very international cast so we’ll give them a pass on that. We did love the congenial vibes between the guys, who told us that their shared experiences on reality tv helped them bond with each other behind the scenes.

“I feel like we all come from different backgrounds, we’ve each got our own stories and the fact that we’ve also done reality before, when we come together we can share our stories and we have a lot in common anyway so it makes it a lot easier,” Kaz told BOSSIP. “I think everyone, like especially these boys, were everyone genuine here and it’s just been a pleasure to meet everyone.”

“I think it’s also like you can’t really share this experience with like your friends on the outside so you kind of have like this trauma bond with everyone,” Harry added. “It’s been pretty traumatic. You’d be surprised.”

For all of the folks who haven’t been tuned in, Perfect Match is about putting singles together and then putting them through challenges that test their newly formed relationships — the winners of the challenges then have an opportunity to have a private date and get to visit a room where they can pick other singles who can come in for dates that will test the other couples’ relationships. Surprisingly enough, the men of Season 2 said neither the challenges nor the strategy were the most difficult obstacle for them.

“I think it’s the dating if we’re being honest, more than anything,” Stevan Ditter responded. “The competition is like our little getaway. Yeah we could have some time off. And then the strategy was kind of just like fu**ing with each other. When it comes to the dating that was where we actually were stressed.”

While their relationships with the women weren’t the easiest, the show did provide some of the men to repair past issues with each other.

“I hated him before we went on this show,” Stevan Ditter said of Harry Jowsey. “We had mutual feminine partners that just kind of chatted sh*t about ourselves to each other, so this was the first time we actually met, so like this is a great bond for me. We’re chilling now. We had fun.”

“I think we just got a little bit drunk and just were like ‘Ohh you’re funny,’” Harry added. “Yeah and then we were just like, ‘No wonder why we dated the same girls, we’re pretty much the same person.”

“Yeah that was it, he’s just got like 2 feet on me but other than that, — same guy,” Stevan continued.

While it’s only natural that some folks might be a bit skeptical about the reality of reality TV romances, Harry Jowsey, who has been romantically linked seriously to several reality stars — including an engagement to Francesca Farago, following their reality tv debuts on Too Hot To Handle. Jowsey also dated Georgia Hassarati following Season 1 of Perfect Match. Hasserati won strongest couple alongside Dom Gabriel, but the pair broke up after filming wrapped and she connected with Jowsey after appearing on his podcast. Jowsey’s relationship with Jessica Vestal on Perfect Match Season 2 appeared to be one of the strongest this season — but things got more than complicated on the guys day out when Melinda claims he did some inappropriate things — we won’t go into detail in case you haven’t watched this season but regardless, Jowsey says reality romances are often very genuine.

Harry Jowsey Says Reality TV Bubble Encourages Budding Romances

“It’s all real,” Jowsey told BOSSIP. “I think when you’re in a bubble, when you don’t have your phone, you don’t have your friends, you don’t have any outside influence, I think that’s where you really get to let your heart go crazy. So I think in those moments it’s very true, it’s very pure, it’s very sweet, but then kind of once it all like goes away and the chaos of real life comes into it, I think that’s why things gonna fizzle out.”

“Yeah for sure, it’s kind of like dating like if you’re in like the 60s or 70s, like you don’t have any phone or like Internet or something that distracts you, so it’s like true love,” Stevan added. “It’s kind of nice.”

“I look at my parents and I’m like, ‘There’s no way you guys would be perfect together if you had iPhones, there’s no way.’ I think that’s the difference, when you’re in the show you really connect with somebody and you build that bond, but then when the real world comes in, like he said, there’s a lot more going on around you. There’s a lot of situations that you have to deal with that you didn’t expect to when you’re in this little bubble.”

As real as the romances may have been, all of the stars seemed to be suffering from a bit of reality TV fatigue, so we had to ask if any of them considered taking a break from appearing on unscripted shows.

“I think that’s happened,” Kaz told BOSSIP. “I think we’ve all got to a point where this was it. This was like that point, the pinnacle moment where it went downhill.”

Bishop and his castmates all laughed before he continued.

“We’re not looking at it, but I don’t think we should do this anymore. Just stick to each your own thing and just go into challenges or competitions, dance shows. I feel like it just kind of it hits you — reality and then you go into the real world and that’s when it just smacks you in the face and you’re like ‘Damn.’

If you think the guys of Perfect Match Season 2 were entertaining in this interview you definitely have to tune to the show. The full season is currently streaming on Netflix.

For those of you who already watched — what did you think? We love that they aired the footage to verify whether Harry or Melinda was telling the truth. Also, how do you feel about the couple that was voted the strongest? Total plot twist, right?!