Ludacris Alleges He Would Beat Jay-Z In A Verse Writing Competition– ‘I Would Win On That One’

Ludacris & Jay-z

Ludacris & Jay-Z- Source: Getty Images/ Allen Berezovsky/ Cindy Ord / Getty

Ludacris proclaims if he faced Jay-Z in a verse writing competition he would win thanks to his metaphors and style.

These days we know Ludacris as a Hollywood mega actor but we will always remember him as one of the dopest rappers ever. Even with commercials, movies, and voice acting Luda still has that sharp pen within arms reach for whatever situation may arise.

According to Complex, Ludacris is so sure of his pen that he thinks he could take Jay-Z in a verse writing exercise.

“A verse, ah, I would have to say win. I would win on that one,” he said at around the 49:40 mark. “That’s a strong statement to say that ’cause again, Hov is definitely one of my favorites as well. Verses, man, I’m just gon’ go in and metaphor and style, in terms of like flow, I’m a kill that sh*t.”

The topic came up during a simple “Win or Lose” game on Funky Friday with Cam Newton. Luda gave Jay-Z all the credit in the world but knows exactly what he does well compared to his peers.

“It’s not to say that Hov is not gon’ kill that s**t. But I’m like when you say s**t like that and it puts me in a category like ‘Oh s**t, I’m going against Hov,’ I got to, like every f**king word, every line, every style, every flow, every metaphor, I got to go.”

Furthermore, Luda also picked himself in the category of music videos versus Da Baby. However, he gave Missy Elliott flowers, respectfully giving her the W in that category. For Hooks, he says Drake takes the W, while Lil Wayne wins for freestyling.  Before you think Ludacris may be overly confident in picking himself please revisit his catalog. People may have forgotten just how nice he was with the bars and need a reminder.

You can watch the full talk between Cam Newton and Ludacris below.