‘Love Is Blind’ Star Clay’s ‘Straight Shooter’ Mom Tells Him To ‘Surrender To Jesus’ Amid Him Being Spotted With A SECOND Freaky Flick Star

If Clay Gravesande from Love Is Blind was looking for his 15 minutes of fame, he’s sure getting it now after his escapades with not one, but two different OnlyFans models.

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Source: Courtesy / Netflix

Fans were taken by surprise earlier this week when OnlyFans model Celina Powell posted a clip of her in bed with the reality star, going on to call him “my man my man my man.”

While Clay still hasn’t spoken on their relationship, Powell seemed to be all in, even tweeting, “This is my last Mother’s Day without a kid” on X the day before posting her pics with Gravesande.

But, just as viewers started to accept Clay’s relationship with Celina, another contender emerged from the shadows.

Not long after Celina publicized their union, pictures started circulating of the Love Is Blind star spending time with Willow Ryder, a porn star and OnlyFans creator.

Once the flicks made their way around social media, it was reported by The Tab that Clay actually spent a weekend with Ryder in Belize, making everyone wonder what was really going on with his love life.

As viewers of the Netflix series already know, Clay was constantly worried about cheating on his then-fiancée Amber Desire “AD” Smith, not wanting to end up like his father. Though he claimed to go to therapy after filming the reality show and healing from his generational trauma, it looks like the 31-year-old has yet to make any changes to his lifestyle.

The second woman he was pictured with even claims he talked poorly of Powell while they were together, replying to a post about their photos together and claiming, “He is playing Celina like crazy. In my ear saying he is scared of her and doesn’t want her like that.”

She also replied to another account asking if she’s dating Clay, insisting she “wouldn’t date a liar like that.”

Now, even Clay’s own mother, Margarita Gravesande, is calling him out, posting a message to her son on social media to let the world know she doesn’t approve of his current lifestyle.


“I didn’t know who CP was until everything started sending me her Youtube information,” she began on her Instagram Story, referencing his supposed relationship with Celina Powell. “It’s very interesting that some men wil lose everything thinking that the apple is good but it’s a forbidden choice (do better). The deceiver uses old tricks to attack and destroy.”

Margarita went on to address her son directly, writing, “Clayton Alexander, you know Jesus will allow things to occur. He’s still trying to get your attention…please surrender to him.”

When your own mother has to call you out on social media, things are not looking good!