InkAddict Releases New “Tattoo Shirts” for Summer


As summer approaches, InkAddict, the unique tattoo lifestyle brand, is all set to make a statement. Since its inception in 2007, this brand has been a beacon for tattoo enthusiasts, offering a range of vibrant designs that resonate with the tattoo community. Whether it’s a T-shirt or a tank, our apparel is not just a fashion statement but a canvas for your self-expression, allowing you to proudly display your tattoos while enjoying the summer sun.

InkAddict was founded in 2007 by two business partners in Detroit, Michigan. The brand has consistently offered apparel that features tattoo-inspired designs and designs created by tattoo artists. The founders of InkAddict own a separate silk-screening company that brought these designs to life. The e-commerce shop gained success online, appealing to tattoo lovers nationwide. The artsy, creative designs fostered a fantastic community of visionary, innovative, collaborative artists. Through that community, the brand can collaborate and partner with artists already invested in the success of InkAddict. The company brings its designs to life and listens to feedback from its loyal customers to make its apparel the best it can be. 

2020 was a pivotal year for InkAddict. E-commerce entrepreneur Ryan Smallegan recognized the brand’s success and decided to buy the company. Smallegan’s ethos fits perfectly with InkAddict’s sense of community. His experience in e-commerce educated him on how to listen to consumer feedback and adjust accordingly effectively. InkAddict takes pride in ensuring customers are excited by their products and satisfied with their purchases. Smallegan was able to keep that philosophy intact when he took over the company and always made sure to emphasize community and customer service at InkAddict.

InkAddict is known for its fun and creative clothing, such as graphic t-shirts and tanks, which are perfect for the summer months. A specific artist’s journey inspires each collection of tattoo shirts and tattoo clothes. For example, the Keep Telling Personal Stories collection is based on several artists’ struggles with mental health and addiction. The intense subject matter aligns with the reasons many get tattoos. The designs reflect classic tattoo styles and have special meaning because of their inspirations. Tattoos are inked on the skin to tell a story, and when you wear an InkAddict design, you tell a story with your clothing. 

Other clothing drops have similar themes. Collections like the Black Sheep Collection, the Expensive Skin Collection, and the Zodiac Collection turn deeply personal subjects into clothing. Edgy designs like those in the Black Sheep Collection make wearers stand out from the crowd, just like their tattoos. The Expensive Skin collection is designed to show off the unique and fantastic way tattoos let people express themselves. The Zodiac Collection lets your inner light shine by letting everyone you see know who you are. Tattoos reflect your inner struggles onto your outer appearance, and InkAddict does the same with apparel.

With the Summer 2024 collection, InkAddict is ready to elevate your summer style. We understand that the warmer months are a time for fashion to shine, and as you showcase more of your tattoos, you’ll want styles that enhance them. Explore our exciting new range of tattoo shirts and clothes, designed to make your tattoos the star of your summer look. 

The post InkAddict Releases New “Tattoo Shirts” for Summer first appeared on The Source.

The post InkAddict Releases New “Tattoo Shirts” for Summer appeared first on The Source.