F12: Kenosha Cops Suspended For Use Of Force During Wrongful Arrest At Applebee’s In Viral Video

Close up of police officer putting handcuffs on suspect during investigation

Source: SeventyFour / Getty

We love us some consequences and repercussions but this is kinda weak sauce.

BOSSIP initially reported on this case back in August when the viral video tumbled down every timeline on every social media in the multiverse. A Black man and his family having dinner at Applebee’s were wrongly accosted by Kenosha police who suspected them of being involved in a hit-and-run accident. Things went left who two overly aggressive officers attempted physically subdue 24-year-old Jermelle English Jr. while he was holding his infant child. During the arest, English was struck numerous times. Officers also arrested English’s partner and the child’s mother, Shanya Boyd, along with five others who were standing nearby.

According to a Kenosha News report, those boys in blue, Officer Luke Courtier and Officer Michael Vences, have been temporarily suspended for their actions that day. Vences was suspended for four days, his striking of English was ruled “reasonable” but he should have considered other approaches. Courtier was suspended for ten days as he was found guilty of failing render medical aid to Boyd after dousing her in pepper spray and writing a subpar police report about the incident.

“The Kenosha Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality service to its citizens and guests. We strive to train our officers to the highest standard and will hold them accountable if they fall short of those standards,”

Prior to the news going public, Kenosha Police Chief Patrick Patton dropped released a video on social media with the likely intent of keeping people’s heads cool.

Local activists aren’t here for the departments platitudes. Executive Director of Leaders of Kenosha Tanye McLean says that the family humiliated by the public arrest and unnecessary use of force. Moreover, she states that the two officers had not a lick of evidence or probable cause outside of the restaurant’s manager’s phone call. The manager who wasn’t involved in the hit-and-run accident in the first damn place.

“At the end of the day there was still no de-escalation. The situation was handled poorly,” McLean said, adding she believes the couple had no reason to speak with officers when questioned about a hit-and-run. “All they had to do was sit there and enjoy their meals as paying patrons of a restaurant. … At the end of the day a family was harmed.”

This type of f***ery seems to be par for the course for Applebee’s locations in Kenosha