#BOSSIPSounds: Fresh Face Friday With Lazer Dim 700, Atlanta’s Most Eccentric And Unexpected New Rapper

Lazer Dim 700 is the latest rapper to come out of Atlanta, and he’s making quick work of the music industry after becoming a viral sensation.

Silhouettes at a live show

Source: Essence Ransome-Ambersley / Getty

In honor of Black Music Month, we’re spotlighting up-and-coming artists making their mark on the industry. This Fresh Face Friday we’re introducing you to Lazer Dim 700–who’s blowing up so quickly he’s not even on Getty Images yet!

Nowadays, a star could be born on one side of the internet while folks on another platform have no idea they exist. Though many people might not have heard of Lazer Dim 700 just yet, he’s blowing up on TikTok, becoming an overnight sensation right before out eyes.

His music in unconventional, to say the least, possessing a quality similar to Kanye West’s controversial album Yeezus that starts off a little off-putting before you warm up to his style.

The comments section in his music videos speak for themselves, with his fans having just as much fun as him with their analysis of his harsh sound.

“Bro kidnapped the beat, chained it to the radiator in his basement, and started beating and starving it,” one fan wrote about his track, “Tony dim.”

Another added, “They ran the 808 through a printer.”


He just dropped a mixtape, Injoy, a few months back, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of new music. Capitalizing on his moment, Lazer Dim 700 uploads new songs to Soundcloud every few days, and his fans are eating it up.

When he’s not making music, he’s going viral for his personality, winning people over when he flew on a plane for the first time and took pictures with the Times Square characters in New York City.

Lazer Dim 700’s music might not be your cup of tea, at first, but one thing’s for sure: personality will get you a long way in this day and age.